Virtual Tours

We encourage you to virtually visit our school and see for yourself the magic that happens within our walls every day. We believe that just as every child deserves individual attention in the classroom, each family deserves an individual introduction to our school. Schedule your virtual tour today! 

Tours are available Monday-Friday by appointment. 

When you virtually visit our classrooms, you will see that:

  • Our award winning school has an unmatched track record of accomplishment, which exemplifies that the general education we provide to our students is on par with the most elite prep schools in the state.
  • Guided by the values taught in our Judaic curriculum and modeled by our outstanding faculty, Hebrew Day has proven to be the ideal partner to help you raise your children to be compassionate, respectful, grateful and resilient.
  • Our talented and dedicated faculty continually work together in order to provide a cohesive educational program that combines both the general and Judaic curriculum with meaningful connections and fluidity.
  • We pride ourselves on our excellent weekly communication between teachers and parents on what and how each child is learning and the development of their character.
  • Our teachers strive to tailor the curriculum to each child’s learning style, and give each student the individualized attention they need in order to reach their maximum potential.  
Call 858-279-3300 or email [email protected] to schedule your virtual tour!