About Us

San Diego Hebrew Day is a welcoming, diverse learning community that fosters love for knowledge, Torah, Israel, attachment to the Jewish people, models respect for all others, and provides a foundation for living a successful and meaningful Jewish life in the 21st century.

Hebrew Day is characterized as an Orthodox Jewish, dual-curriculum school proud to educate a diverse population of Jewish children.  Our graduates are well prepared to enter the next phase of their academic lives.  They are also knowledgeable about Judaism and secure in their identity as Jews.  They are personally distinguished by their respect for others and their readiness to act as ethical community leaders.  A rigorous, fully accredited program of general and Torah studies places emphasis on diligently pursuing excellence in all areas.  Through character programs, each student develops qualities of resilience, kindness and gratitude so that they are able to work collaboratively and live successful, meaningful lives in the 21st century.      

To achieve this mission we believe that engagement in Torah study is essential because it teaches important lessons, inspires pride and awakens within each student the value of leading a Jewish life.  Students also gain an understanding of the importance of Jewish law and observance to the continuity of our people.  By partnering closely with parents, each child develops strong Jewish values and lifelong love for learning. We teach the significance of Israel to the Jewish people and a sense of responsibility to contribute to the betterment of our world.