Community Service

Achieving Chesed and Excellence Program - A.C.E

The purpose of this community Chesed program is to encourage the SSDHDS student body to be really and truly “good,” to reach out and service the greater Jewish community.  A student will thereby put into action the Mitzvot and Middot that are taught at SSDHDS on a daily basis.


By reaching out to the community and lending a helpful hand, students learn the concepts of appreciation, respect, kindness and responsibility.  In the years this program has been instituted, amazing outcomes have been seen.  Students have made a difference in many people's lives - including their own.  Community service has including things like organizing the gift closet, helping with youth groups, cleaning up the campus, helping people with special needs, and feeding the hungry.  The opportunities are endless to make a difference in other people's lives and affect your own.


Every student in middle school is required to fulfill the allotted number of A.C.E. hours for their grade level in order to satisfy their yearly academic requirements and advancement to the next 

Hours of Obligation - grade. 
6th Grade – 12 hours
7th Grade – 15 hours
8th Grade – 20 hours (Five hours may be completed in the summer)

A.C.E. Program Time Card.pdf