Third Grade

Third grade provides new opportunities for students to gain autonomy and produce more comprehensive work, while acting with heightened kindness and responsibility. The third grade student begins his or her explorations in textual analysis and connections, gains a higher proficiency in reading comprehension, and acquires a general knowledge and ability to ask questions while learning. It is a year where love for learning and teamwork begins to flourish.

Third graders are acquiring the final building blocks that will make up the foundation for future learning. Moving forward, they will be able to independently learn through a variety of texts, work successfully in groups, and take on higher level thinking tasks. Their writing skills will move beyond short paragraphs as they learn to make connections and write with purpose.

Our third graders take on their first research report where they experience reading for information, comprehending and deciphering facts and important events, and formulating topic paragraphs that are united by transitions. They are given extensive opportunities to learn and demonstrate comprehension through technology. Their typing skills will strengthen and they will develop a deeper understanding of the various ways that they can use a computer to enhance their learning. Their independent and collaborative skills shine during the milestone events, where they are challenged to develop, write, and perform a script about Rashi and create an invention using design thinking. 


  • Rashi Fair
  • Invention Convention