Fourth Grade

Fourth grade is a transitional year for students in that they are charged with greater independence and responsibility in a more academically advanced setting. With an increase in teachers and expectations and the first time receiving letter grades on their report cards, students are learning to strengthen their ability to self-monitor their progress and prioritize their workload. This is a skill that they will continue to strengthen for the next few years, and will be vital to their academic success throughout their educational career. 
In addition to classroom teachers, specialized Hebrew and computer teachers help to strengthen our students' skills through collaboration and enrichment opportunities. To ensure your child learns the art of organization and independence with their homework, completion of projects, and participation in school, our teachers strive to provide thorough and clear guidance and support, along with continuous parent communication.  The result is a mature, responsible student able to meet the expectations of higher level education and express themselves in multiple modalities.      

The fourth grade student embarks on their first serious research project while learning about the deep history, geography and culture of California. With this project students learn how to research facts using a variety of references, organize and gather important information, and formulate what they have learned into paragraphs.  They discover the world of literature analysis as they move beyond the surface of what they are reading.  In math, they are moving toward more complex concepts such as fractions and ratios. In addition, e
ach students' Chumash skills are honed and perfected so that they are ready to learn independently. Our teachers' foster love and respect for Torah, along with the ability to understand its relevance to us today.


  • Siyum Breishit
  • Gold Rush Field Trip & Play