Successful Me - A Closer Look

Successful Me

A Closer Look

The core qualities and capabilities of Successful Me are divided into three major categories. Each is essential, interlinked, and built upon the others.  As the concepts are introduced, studied and practiced within the class, they will be presented independently to help with clarity, but the goal is that students understand Successful Me as an encompassing identity - intertwined and in total essential for successful living and thriving.

Seeing Hashem’s Blessings, the first category, fosters genuine appreciation for all within us and around us, and teaches us to value every step or progress and productivity.  Too often, we focus on what we want to acquire or have yet to accomplish. It is essential to take a step back from the daily grind to give context and insight that all exists for our benefit. Seeing Hashem’s Blessing includes using our words and shaping our actions as an expression of wellbeing and appreciation, giving us the platform upon which to proceed optimistically. 

Strengthen yourself, the second category, focuses on the efforts needed to best manage oneself. It incorporates both attitude and action in facing the situation at-hand. Strengthen yourself includes three traits to draw upon when approaching or completing a task: Zest (zerizut), Responsibility (Achrayut) and Resilience (Gam Zu LaTova).

Sync with others, the third category, encompasses the qualities needed to productively interact with people collaboratively. We know that each person is created in the image of Hashem and therefore can uniquely contribute to the world. When we Sync with Others - by being Kind (Chesed), Respectful (Kavod) and Collaborative (Achdut) - we accomplish more, as a team than we can as an isolated individual.

By incorporating the qualities and capabilities of Successful Me within your child – and by joining our children in the process of self – improvement, we will raise worthy Jewish leaders of the 21st century.